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Orion electric wheelchair

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Descripción del producto

  • Compact wheels: The wheels of the minusive electric chair Orion are solid and resistant, which will help you avoid unnecessary punctures.
  • Battery and autonomy: The electric wheelchair Orion has two 12V/32Ah (384W) rechargeable gel batteries. In addition, its autonomy will allow you to travel up to 30 km.
  • SECURITY: The electric wheelchair has security devices such as a system of 4 shock absorbers that reduce the irregularities of the land and a safety belt to guarantee the stability of the user.
  • ADAPTABLE: This steel wheelchair is adaptable to the needs required by the user, as its restraints are removable and folding, it has a padded and reclining seat up to 4 positions and has a pocket in the posterior area to store their belongings.
  • Light: The total weight of the electric wheelchair is 65 kg (including batteries). Its weight without batteries is 42 kg. In addition, this wheelchair is capable of supporting up to a maximum of 120 kg.
  • DOORS: This wheelchair has a total width of 63 cm, so it can go through standard doors of 72.5 cm. Be sure about the measures of its doors to verify that it is good for you.


The steel electric chair Orión guarantees the independence of the user in its day to day improving its quality of life. It is a recommended motor chair to people with reduced mobility or older people.

Thanks to its damping system, this automatic wheelchair is able to overcome the obstacles of the road and is ideal for use in closed and outdoor places.

These elderly electrical chairs offer an adaptation to the user's needs uniquely, their restraints are removable and folding and has a reclining seat, up to 4 positions, padded and with a posterior pocket to save belongings.

For great safety, it has solid wheels of great resistance to wear and punctures, safety belt, rear antivuelco and front light and front and rear flashing.

The joystick of the chair can be changed from one side to the other. It is only necessary to use a screwdriver to install it on the desired side.

Technical characteristics of the wheelchair with motor:

  • Maximum speed: 6 km/h.
  • Maximum slope: 8.
  • You can climb curbs up to 2.80 cm high.
  • It has reverse.
  • Seat belt
  • RESAPIÉS: removable and folding.
  • Places: Folding.
  • Batteries:
  • Batteries: 2 (12v/32Ah) = 384W
  • Gel battery.
  • Load time: 8 hours.
  • Autonomy: 30 km.
  • Load port under the control command (Joystick).
  • Measures:
  • General measures (high x width x length): 97 x 63 x 113 cm.
  • Maximum supported weight: 120 kg.
  • Weight without batteries: 42 kg.
  • Weight with batteries: 65 kg.
  • Seat width: 46 cm.
  • Long seat: 41 cm.
  • High support: 43 cm.
  • Depth Seat: 41cm.
  • RESAPIÉS: 35 cm.
  • Distance from the ground to the seat: 53 cm.
  • Distance from the ground to Joystick: 79 cm.
  • Standard measures, not adaptable.
  • Wheels:
  • Rear wheel diameter: 12, 30 cm.
  • Front wheel diameter: 8, 20 cm.

We like the electric wheelchair by:

Your safety: it is equipped to offer great security to the user.
Its duration: It has a long -lasting battery.
Its comfort: It has adapted materials for greater comfort.
Warranty: 3 years

Return conditions:

In case of return, the product must be delivered under the same packaging conditions with which it came. The guarantee only covers the manufacturing defects, does not cover the blows, scratches or damage caused by inappropriate use of the chair.

The electric wheelchairs do not return once the batteries are activated, except in case of incidents by manufacturing defects.


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Orion electric wheelchair

£1,661.00 GBP

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