Gerialife He strives day by day to obtain the highest quality in our products, which allows us to offer the following guarantee and coverage conditions:

Legal guarantee

Legal guarantee, it is the policy that by law we offer with validity of three years, or failing that, what the country has determined as a legal guarantee period.


  1. Gerialife guarantees all the products that it manufactures and/or distributes, during the first two years since its acquisition, for any defect in accordance with them. This guarantee will only be valid for the original buyer of the product, and the buyer will be entitled, in case of defect in accordance, to the totally free replacement of the defective piece.
  2. Gerialife can offer you a technical assistance service at your home in those areas where you have such service. However, this service will cost the buyer. For the rest of the areas, it offers the necessary pieces for solving the problem, in addition to a technical support for online aid.
  3. The guarantee exclusively covers manufacturing defects, attributable to the manufacturer. It will be presumed that all defects that manifest within the first six months are due to manufacturing errors. After that time, it will be the client who has to demonstrate that it is a manufacturing error and not for use.
  4. The guarantee refers only to the final consumer.
  5. This guarantee will not include broader rights, especially such as change, reduction or compensation for damages or losses as well as the acceptance of any type of additional expenses. In some cases Gerialife may opt for the replacement of the defective product if the technical assistance service considers it appropriate.
  6. This guarantee will be valid only when presented with the original invoice and order number (indicating the date of purchase).
  7. For products that have serial number, this guarantee will not apply if the product serial number has been altered, erased, disappeared or is illegible.
  8. Gerialife products have been conceived for domestic use: any use that is not exclusively domestic or housing context, will be reputed as improper use and damages caused as a result of such use will not be covered by this guarantee nor will they be responsibility of its manufacturer.
  9. This legal guarantee of Gerialife is fully compatible with the legal and commercial guarantees offered by the manufacturers and distributors of the individual components of other commercial brands with which we work, and the user must in case of defect in accordance with any of these components, processed directly with these manufacturers or distributors those individual guarantees of said components.



1) The user must keep in good condition the product acquired in accordance with the instructions and recommendations of each product, being able to rejected by Gerialife guarantee claims that directly obey a product maintenance defect by the user.

2) The guarantee is not applicable in any case to breaks or defects derived from a negligent use, of the assembly of other non -original accessory elements to those provided or mounted by the factory, or of inadequate maintenance and maintenance operations by the user, or by any third party in the name of this.

3) The guarantee does not cover defects or breakdowns due to accidental damage such as rays, water, or caused by corrosive materials, such as acids or solvents, dyes, ink, painting or human or animal physiological liquids; Damage caused by moisture, direct exposure to sunlight and/or heat sources or similar conditions; inadequate ventilation or any cause that is outside the control of the manufacturer; or damage caused by burns, cuts, animals or other forms of improper use.

4) This guarantee does not cover in any case the usual wear of the perishable elements of the product. These elements, subject to wear, are the following elements of wear, resulting in this merely enunciative and non -limiting list in any case:

Wooden lames of the beds


5) This guarantee is referred only to the replacement of non -conforming components, and does not cover in any case the personal damage that could be derived directly or indirectly from their failure during the use.

6) The beds and other Gerialife products not directly bought in the official store www.gerialife.es They will not be covered by this guarantee.

7) In the event that, at the time of repair, there are no materials identical to those considered deformed or defective, Gerialife reserves the power to replace such materials with others of the same quality and economic value.



In order to process any claim of said guarantee, the user must address the Gerialife customer service for processing and will receive the corresponding instructions to process said guarantee. In case of exercise of this guarantee, the user must contribute to Gerialife Copy of the acquisition document (purchase invoice) and order number. You can contact Gerialife through any method of contact enabled in www.gerialife.es or sending an email to info@gerialife.com.