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Articulated bed railings

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About the gerialife articulated bed railings:

Thearticulated bed railingsIt is a very useful accessory to avoid possible falls during the rest in articulated or geriatric beds. This is because these types of beds are usually high at high height so that caregivers can do their job effectively, which is a risk in case of patient's fall. A articulated bed railing It is also very useful to prevent the person with reduced mobility from getting out of bed without the caregiver and suffering some injury.
The Adult beds railings They are usually folding, so that they facilitate the transfer of the patient from the bed to the wheelchair or vice versa.
The main characteristics of these Railings for beds of Gerialife are the following:
  • Railings designed for adult beds with external 2 centimeters wide tube, and between 4 and 6 centimeters high.
  • MOh resistantMade to endure a lot of lateral force, these railings They will make the person sleeping feel safe at all times.
  • Folding Simple system to reduce with a knob located in the feet area.
  • Easy to mount, without tools, with its new reinforced anchor with two grip points. Dimensions: 115 cm long x 45 cm high from the somier frame.
  • Includes a game of two folding railings. Possibility of acquiring only the right or left railing.


Robust and easy -to -handling clamping:

The Railings for beds Gerialife are the most robust thanks to their two -point support mechanism and reinforced closure.

They can be easily uploaded or down thanks to an ergonomic shape shooter. When you upload the railing you will hear a 'click' which means that the railing has been completely fixed. The shooter is in a difficult access position for the person in charge offering greater security.


Folding mechanism:

The folding mechanism allows us to lower the railings to the area of ​​the feet, being below the mattress level and facilitating the mobility of both the person who is bedridden and of the caregiver.


Compatible with most articulated beds:

Gerialife adult bed railings have been designed to be compatible with most market articulated beds. For this, the bed must have an external tube with 2 centimeters wide, and between 4 and 6 centimeters high.


Reinforced structure:

The railings of the railings have been designed to endure a lot of effort, and if necessary they can be easily replaced.

For the purchase of the right or left loose railings, consider the side of the somier that needs to install the railing looking at it from the feet.



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Articulated bed railings

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