10 aparatos de ayuda para personas mayores

10 help for older people

The Help devices for older people They are devices designed to Improve security, comfort and autonomy of the elderly in their daily life. These devices can be physical or technological tools that help old people to face the challenges associated with aging, such as decreased mobility, muscle weakness, decreased vision or audition, and other health problems related to age.


The Help devices for older people They may vary depending on the specific needs of each individual, and may include devices for mobility, home security, personal hygiene, communication, medication organization and other aspects of everyday life. These devices can be very useful to help older people maintain their independence, improve their quality of life and facilitate their participation in daily activities.


It is important to keep in mind that appropriate choice and use must be supervised by health professionals or geriatric care specialists, to ensure that they are safe and appropriate for the individual needs of each elderly. Here You can find several options.

Help devices for older people

Help devices for older people

Here are a list of some Help devices for older people, along with a brief explanation of what they are, what they are for and some of their characteristics:

  1. Walker: It is a support device for the march that helps the elderly to Maintain balance and stability While walking. They usually have four legs and handles to grab. Some models also have wheels to facilitate displacement.
  2. Walking stick: It is a support device for the march consisting of a long wand with a handle on the top. Help the elderly to maintain balance and provide a Additional support point when walking.
  3. Wheelchair: It is a wheelchair that allows older people with reduced mobility Dsplaise independently. It can be self -propelled or pushed by a caregiver or assistant.
  4. Toilet elevator: It is a device that is placed on the toilet and raises the height of the seat, which makes it easier to sit and get up for older people with mobility or leg weakness problems.
  5. Clamping bar: It is a bar installed on the walls of the bathroom or in other areas of the house that provides a grip point For older people when getting up, sitting or moving.
  6. Bathroom help: Includes various devices such as shower seats, shower chairs with wheels, bath handles, showers with access at floor level, among others, that help old people to carry out personal hygiene activities safely and comfortably.
  7. Telephone with large buttons or sound amplification: They are phones designed for older people with vision or hearing problems, who have large and easy -to -use buttons and sound amplification for better audition.
  8. Organizing Pastillero: It is a device that helps older people Organize and remember the medication. They usually have compartments for each day of the week and for different times of the day.
  9. Personal Security Alarm: They are portable devices that allow older people request help in case of emergency. They can be used as bracelets, pendants or mobile devices with alarm buttons.
  10. Elevator chair: It is a chair that helps older people to get up or sit in a safe and comfortable way. They can be electric or manual chairs, and are used in wheelchairs, armchairs or beds.


It is important to keep in mind that the choice of Help devices for older people appropriate will depend on the specific needs and abilities of each individual. It is advisable to seek professional advice and follow the manufacturer's instructions for safe and adequate use of these devices.